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DMZ P.O.P Concert in Goseong

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작성자 최고관리자 작성일19-10-24 14:11 조회631회 댓글0건


This is the last DMZ POP concert You must go.or you will regret that decision throughout your life.

We will also go to an interesting festival on this tour.

You can taste delicious food and experience many things.

And you can eat special chicken dishes that you can only eat in Sokcho.

Maybe everyone will envy you if you say you've tried this.

I ate this five years ago and I can't forget it.




10:00 AM : Hongdae Station Exite 3 front of 'pizza up'

12:15-13:00 PM : Chunchon Skywalk

15:00-16:00 PM : Sokcho Tourism and Fisheries Market

17:00-21:30 PM : Festival & Kpop concert

22:00 PM : Departure for Seoul 








Round trip transportation - Group bus


English speaking tour assistant












Personal expense



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