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Goseong Lavender Festival

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Every June the lavender, which paints villages and farms in violet, blooms. The Goseong Lavender Festival will be held from June 1st to 23rd. Hani Lavender Farm, where the 12th Lavender Festival is held, runs from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the festival. There are various experience programs and events to enjoy such as making lavender pizza, harvest experience, children's drawing contest, photo contest, etc. 
Don't miss the Lavender Festival where you can feel exotic scenery in Korea. 

1) Naerincheon Rest Area
It is the first resting place on the road in Korea to take advantage of the geographical features of the area and is designed with a unique design in the shape of a "V." It is designed to blend to the surrounding natural scenery by creating an ecological wetland walkway, observatory, and environment promotion exhibition hall.
Near the rest area, you can take a break from the stream and Mt. Maebong to enjoy the scenic view, and in the evening, you can also look at the Nakcheon Bridge illuminated.

2) Sokcho Abai Villiage
Abai Village is a small village of North Korean refugees located in Cheong-Ho District, Sokcho City, Gangwon Province, South Korea. The residents of the village consist mainly of refugees originally hailing from Hamgyeong Province in North Korea who escaped south during the Korean War.
Since 2000, the area has seen increased tourism due to the popularity of the Korean Drama 'Autumn in My Heart.' Many scenes featured the main character riding on the Gaetbae Boat (갯배), a floating raft of tires and wood pulled along a cable that served as the main way to get from the little island to downtown Sokcho until the recent completion of a bridge made driving a possibility.
The village also sees a fair number of tourists come through to try the famous Abai Sundae (아바이순대), which is a squid stuffed with a mixture of clear noodles, tofu, vegetables, and squid. Other popular dishes include the North Korean cold noodle dish Naengmyeon.
Tourists interested in historical artifacts of the village visit to Sokcho City Museum (속초시립박물관), which contains replicas of the original homes that were set up by the refugees. These early huts were mostly made of scrap wood and metal, newspapers, and cardboard.

3) Hani Farm
Every June, the Hani Lavender Farm fills with beautiful shades of purple. This year’s festival offers various experience programs, including a one-day-class for making lavender perfumes, soaps, and even pizza! The Hani Lavender Farm will be opened from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the festival period.
 There are various photo zones where you can take pictures of your precious memories. For lovers, it will be a great spot to take a romantic shot.


Including Condition:
1. Round trip transportation - Group Bus
2. English speaking tour assistant

Excluding Condition
1. Meal
2. Personal Expense 




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