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2019 Cheorwon DMZ Peace Train Music Festival +DMZ Tour

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Peace Train is a music festival singing songs of peace, held in the Cheorwon, Gangwon Province DMZ area of Korea, the world’s only divided nation. It takes place for just five days of the year. Peace Train was started with this purpose: “Through music, let’s transcend politics, economy, ideology, and experience freedom and peace.” Peace Train’s hope is that through culture, we can continue to rediscover the things in our lives to which we become indifferent and numb, and to pass on values such as freedom, peace, human rights, and tolerance to future generations. 


JUNE 7 FRI: MKITRAIN, Rhea Blek, 킹스턴루디스카, Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, Xavi Sarria, Guampara Music.

JUNE 8 SAT: Cui Jian, Dead Buttons, Fujiya&Miyagi, HELLIVISION X KIM OKI, HYUKOH, JANNABI, Kim Sawol X Kim Haewon, Little Big Bee, Lucie,too, Mongooz and the Magnet, Palmy, Sonyen, Sultan of The Disco.

JUNE 9 SUN: AmadoLeejaram Band, Elephant Gym, george, Gureung train, Iceage, JOHN CALE, JOUNG TAE CHOON/ PARK EUN OHK, Last Train, Peace, Stella Jang.




11:00 Departure from Hongdae station Exit 3


13:00 DMZ Peace Train Festival 2019 - Goseokjeong Pavilion


* Optional DMZ Tour (14:00-17:00).


**14:30 Only for Saterday! DMZ Peace Train Festival 2019 Special Stage - Woljeong-ri Station (limited offer only for 150 people) make a request through email.


22:00 Departure to Seoul


* If you wanna stay until the end of festival we can offer you late bus, which depart at 23:30 - bus can be operated only if its requested by the customer with reservation in advance.


00:00 Approximately arriving time to Hongdae Station


* Depending on traffic, itinerary can be changed.



Optional DMZ Tour


Cheorwon is an attractive destination for people who like history or want to understand in detail what happened during the Korean War. It may be difficult and heavy, but we invite you to this valuable place where you can learn about history that should not be repeated.


14:00 Goseokjeong Pavilion


        The 2nd Tunnel (Cheorwon) - Cheorwon Facilities Management Office (Formerly, Iron Triangle Battlefield


        Cheorwon Peace Observatory


        Woljeong-ri Station



*Cultural heritage commentator.   


Goseokjeong Pavilion

Goseokjeong Pavilion is the most scenic spots among the eight scenic views of Cheorwon. The crystal clear waters of the Hantangang River wind around Goseokbawi Rock, a peculiarly shaped rock of about 10 meters tall that stands dominantly in the middle of the river. Goseokjeong Pavilion is a two-story tower-style pavilion that has an area of about 33 square meters, built halfway up the Hantangang River during the reign of King Jinpyeong (reign 579-632 AD) of the Silla Kingdom. Today, Goseokjeong refers to the entire area around Goseokjeong Pavilion and the valley surrounding Goseok Rock. Designated as Monument No. 8 of Gangwon-do, the pavilion is known to have been one of the most favored places by King Jinpyeong of Silla Kingdom, and King Chungsuk of Goryeo Dynasty. The area became all the more famous as the arena of Im Kkeok-jeong (?-1562), who was a legendary leader of a peasant rebellion in the early Joseon Dynasty. 

Located in Goseokjeong National Tourism Site, Cheorwon Facilities Management Office is the main tourism center hosting the Cheorwon tour. Starting from Security Tourist Site Development Plan by Cheorwon-gun county in 1976 , the Ministry of Transportation designated Goseokjeong as Goseokjeong National Tourist Area in 1977. The military and Cheorwon-gun county carried out security and battlefield excavation and preservation projects, and established a security educational site featuring the national largest scale in 1985.

Presently, the Iron Triangle Battlefield, located in Goseokjeong National Tourist Area, is used as a security educational site. Unification Hall found within houses various exhibitions, giving information to compare with current and past lifestyles and military devices including varied aircrafts displayed in the outdoor exhibition area. In the educational hall, a promotional video for Cheorwon is screened. Likewise, the exhibition hall covers various materials that allow one to think about unification between North Korea and South Korea. 


The 2nd Tunnel (Cheorwon) 

The pavilion was destroyed during the Korean War and restored in 1971 by community leaders in Cheorwon. Unfortunately, it was damaged once again by flood in 1996 and reconstructed the year after. There is a natural stone chamber inside Goseokbawi Rock that Im Kkeok-jeong used as a hiding place. On the opposite side, there are remains of a stone castle. Jiktang Waterfall is located about 2 kilometers up from this site, while Sundam Valley is situated about 2 kilometers in the downstream. Goseokjeong is a year-round tourist attraction with an extensive grass square and recreational facilities. It is also the starting point for DMZ tours as the Iron Triangle Battlefield Conservation Office is located here and in winter, visitors can enjoy migratory bird tour. 


Cheorwon Peace Observatory

Three-story Cheorwon Peace Observatory was completed in 2007. In the observatory, there’s an exhibition of the 2nd tunnel, the camp and the checkpoint. On the 3rd floor, through the telescope you will be able to see the demilitarized zone, Pyeong-gang plateau and Seon Jeon Village in North Korea. 


Woljeong-ri Station

Woljeong-ri Station (Iron Triangle Battlefield) is the last stop before reaching the DMZ. With the sign "The iron horse wants to run again," there stand remains of a train that was used to make frequent trips to North Korea. Located at the spot where the fiercest battle was held during the Korean War, this train marks the partition line of the Korean peninsula. These days Woljeong-ri Station is under the control of the Cheorwon-gun Office and hundreds of thousands of people visit this unique tourist area every year. 


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