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2019 Gangneung Danoje Festival

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Gangneung Danoje is the oldest Korean traditional festival and its large scale is remarkable.

​This festival originated from the custom that the ancestors wished for the rich harvest holding rites right before summer begun. Also various rites were held to wish health and to exorcise ghosts or illness during Danoje.


Originally Dano Day was one of the biggest national holidays to pray for the rich harvest long time ago.

Each household made suriddeok or ssukddeok and a bunch of delicious food and held the ancestral rite.

The table was set mostly with health food to overcome the upcoming heating summer or ssuk(mugwort) food to drive away bad luck.


Gangneung Danoje offers opportunities to learn about Korean traditional culture in fun ways,

​perhaps which is the key to make the festival passed down through generations well.


At Danojang, the festival site, visitors could watch various performances like the Korean traditional masque, ssireum(Korean wrestling) and modern Dongchun circus as well.

​The site is the site for the past and the present being together.


Another attraction at Danojang is the nanjang(the temporary open market for non-permanent vendors).

Danoje’s nanjang is famous for its huge scale.

​Lots and lots of selling stands lined up endlessly and amusement facilities for kids were there too.


In the age when transportation wasn’t developed, Dano Day was one of the biggest festival days,

so people from all around the country gathered around the place with all kinds of products.


It was the biggest open market day of the year and all the things were traded there.

​Now you can get products easily at modern markets and stores, however in the past time this market was the very important place for common people to buy and sell necessities.


Old local festivals can be considered boring and difficult, however Danoje is full of interesting contents. Attractions, food, entertainment, everything is good in the festival.


Gangneung Danoje is an old custom originated from the Korean folk’s ritual, but not insisting only on old styles.

It will keep developing in harmonies of inherited old tradition and modern culture.

The most impressive thing was cooperation of the local communities.

Every citizen was the master and participant of the festival.

Most of people have forgotten the value of communalism, but they are keeping on going with it, which is the true meaning of Gangneung Danoje.



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Hi. I would like to reserve a bus seat for this festival. I willl arrive Incheon on June 1st and will leave Seoul for Gangneung on June 2nd, 2019. Thank you.