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2019 Yeongwol Danjong Culture Festival

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Yeongwol Danjong Culture Festival
The Danjong Culture Festival, a major festival of Yeongwol-gun in Gangwon-do, is held around the Jangneung Tomb area. The festival is a historic cultural event held annually since 1967 in memory of King Danjong (the 6th monarch of the Joseon Dynasty) and his loyal subjects. It was originally called Danjongje and was renamed to Danjong Culture Festival in 1990. In the beginning, it was held for three days starting on the day before Hansik Day, which is April 5 by the Gregorian calendar, except in leap years (the 105th day after Dongji). Since this date changes every year, it was later decided that the festival should be held from the last Friday of April instead.

Yeongwol Korean Peninsula-shaped  Cliffs (Seonam Village)
Seonam Village (선암마을) is a small town located on the banks of the Seogang River in Ongjeong-ri, Seo-myeon, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do province. The village is famous for its land formation that is shaped like the Korean Peninsula, due to the river snaking around the village forming an outline in the shape of the peninsula. In the summer, many people come to enjoy rafting from the "East Coast" to the "West Coast" of the peninsula-like cliff formation, with Homigot (호미곶) in the south and Baekdusan Mountain in the North.

Dong River
Donggang River is a river in Yeongwol and Jeongseon county, South Korea. It remains the cleanest river and region in whole S. Korea which has gone through sharp industrial development. It is a tributary to the South Hangang River that covers an area of 60 km. The Donggang River follows a snaky path splitting the chiseled cliffs surrounding it. Many tourists visit the area to see rare animals such as otters, Mandarin ducks, and Chinese scops owls. It is largely recommended to experience rafting in Donggang. 

Jangreung (royal tombs of Dnajong
angreung(장릉, 莊陵) is the Royal Tombs of King Danjong from Joseon. It was registrated a UNESCO World Heritage Site with other royal tombs of the Joseon Dynasty, and Korean Historic site 


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