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2019 Chuncheon International Mime Festival

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Introduction to the festival 

Chuncheon International Mime Festival 2019 is the first private-led performing arts festival to mark its 30th anniversary. Beyond the genre of mime, it is a performing arts festival based on "body, movement and image," and is a new type of festival combining arts (performance) and festivals (jamming). In late May every year, the festival is held throughout Chuncheon City, including the Jungang-ro, Chuncheon Songam Sports Town and Ilsong Art Hall of Hallym University.

In 2019, Chuncheon International Mime Festival celebrates its 30th anniversary. It will build a new "city of festivals" by combining the festival's technical skills with mime’s unique empathy, based on Chuncheon's cultural resources.

The goal that Chuncheon International Mime Festival pursues is a festival that everyone makes together. Every year, the festival is being created with some 250 volunteers, 700 artists and a visiting citizen audience, as well as staff members of the Chuncheon Mime Festival


Date and Venue 

A) Date : May 26, 2019 (Sun) ~ June 02 2019 (Sun) for 8 days

(if the night event on May 25, 2019 (Sat) before the main festival is included, for 9 days)

B) Venue : Jungang-ro , Chuncheon-si . Chuncheon Songam Sports Town . Ilsong Art Hall of Hallym University



1. City of Water; Ah!’Soo’rajang (Ahsoorajang – Pandemonium , Soo – means water in Kanji,)

·  Date : May 26, 2019 (Sun) 13:00–16:00

· Location : Jungang-ro , Chuncheon-si

· · Ticket price : Free


2. City of Fire; A Goblin’s Jamming

· Date : May 31, 2019 (Fri) – June 1, 2019 (Sat) 19:00-02:00

June 1, 2019 (Sat) – June 2, 2019 (Sun) 16:00-02:00

· Location : Chuncheon Songam Sports Town

· Ticket Price : 20,000 won


3. Theater Performance

Date : May 27, 2019 (Mon) 19:30

May 28, 2019 (Tue) 19:00

Location : Ilsong Art Hall of Hallym University

Ticket Price : 20,000 won

Performing Team : Fauna Circus

Name of Performance : Fauna

Team Profile : A British fascinating performing team that combines theater and circus genres using high-quality acrobatics and unique sound. The team has won the first prize in Adelaide's rookie artist category in 2017 and became the winner of Edinburgh Fringe 2017.


4. MulHwa-ilche (Mul means water, Hwa means fire in Kanji, ilche means becoming one)

Date : May 29, 2019 (Wed), May 30, 2019 (Thu) 19:00-22:00

Location : Chuncheon Camp Page Platanus Road

Ticket Price : Free


※ The schedule and time of the festival may vary.


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