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2018 Leisure Chuncheon World Leisure with K-pop Concert

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**Skywalk Tour - Romantic Market - Yuklim Street- k-pop concert


Soyanggang Skywalk is an observatory facilty set up on Uiamho Lake. The walking path, comprised of transparent glass, is 156m long and offers a thrill to tourists as they feel they are walking over the lake.


This city is one of place named as Romantic tourist sites for all generation not only just Young couples but aged local people as they can explore the place where their memories back. 

Yuklim street is well known for this. You will take some photos at Yuklim street and feel real local street tour and traditional market is also located next to Yuklim street.


The Chuncheon Mulle-gil is a great place to enjoy water sports like canoeing and yachting on a beautiful lake and river. This eco-tourism destination offers visitors a chance to surround themselves

 in an enchanting natural atmosphere and an opportunity to journey into nature through a refreshing outdoor activity.


World Leisure with K-POP Concert


** 10pax guest :: Free Canoe Tour at 16pm. 


** 10,000won discount coupon : Chuncheon Ladies Tour!! 


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