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2018 Hongcheon Beer Festival

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2018 Hongcheon Beer Festival

Dance Competition - Music and Beer


Hongcheon (Hongcheon-gun) is a county and city in Gangwon Province, South Korea. The city lies on the northern bank of the Hongcheon River, southeast of Chuncheon. 
The terrain of the county is mainly mountainous and contains hot springs in the Hongcheong River valley.
It is only 1hr. 30min. From Seoul! You can visit nature valley (Sutasa) for water, and the next tour course is Hite Beer (Korea beer) factory visit. 
You could get 1 glass of free beer during the factory tour. 
The main festival site is only a few mins. drive away so you can continually drink beers (payable) with music and dance. 


1. Round trip of G-shuttle bus (5,000won)
2. Entrance Ticket of tour site, English speaking tour assistant (20,000won) 



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