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Dunnae Tomato Festival

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Let's find the golden tomato at this event and look for the gold ring in the pool of tomatoes! 


Dunnae Tomato Festivall
A healthy story begins!

Dunnae in Hoengseong produces cherry tomatoes, Chal Tomatoes, processed tomatoes as well and has started to hold Dunna Tomato Festival since 2012 to promote great tomatoes produced in Dunnae.
Dunnae (Hoengseong-gun) is a county and city in Gangwon Province, South Korea. 
First of all, we climb up in the Cheongtaesan Natural Recreation Forest and enjoy the air. 
The main festival site is only a few mins. 
You can find the gold ring in the pool of tomatoes!

Main Events :
  - Tourist Attractions : Tomato Exhibition Hall, Tomato Museum, flower gardens, gourd tunnel

Experience :
  - tomato pool, tomato picking, catfish fishing, traditional caligraphy, quilt, ‘Fancy Wood’, nail art, woodcraft, soap bubble making, water pool 




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