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Itinerary 목록

Itinerary 목록

2019.6.10 ~ 2019.6.22

Goseong Lavender Festival

Every June the lavender, which paints villages and farms in violet, blooms. The Goseong Lavender Festival will be held from June 1st to 23rd. Hani Lavender Farm, where the 12th Lavender Festival is held, runs from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the festival. There are various experience programs and events to enjoy such as making lavender pizza, harvest ex...

2019-6-7 ~ 2019-6-9

2019 Cheorwon DMZ Peace Train Music Festival +DMZ Tour

Peace Train is a music festival singing songs of peace, held in the Cheorwon, Gangwon Province DMZ area of Korea, the world’s only divided nation. It takes place for just five days of the year. Peace Train was started with this purpose: “Through music, let’s transcend politics, economy, ideology, and experience freedom and peace.” Peace Train’s hope is that through culture, we can continue to rediscover the things in our lives to which we become indifferent and numb, and to pass on values suc...

2019-6-3 ~2019-6-10

2019 Gangneung Danoje Festival

Gangneung Danoje is the oldest Korean traditional festival and its large scale is remarkable.

​This festival originated from the custom that the ancestors wished for the rich harvest holding rites right before summer begun. Also various rites were held to wish health and to exorcise ghosts or illness during Danoje.


Originally Dano Day was one of the biggest national holidays to pray for the rich harvest long time ago.

Each household made suriddeok or ssukddeok a...

2019-6-11 ~ 2019-6-16

2019 Chuncheon Dakgalbi Makguksu Festival

This place will give you a reason to visit Chuncheon, as their culture and attractions will let you know why it is a must visit place in Korea!


**** “Eat, Shop, Travel” is the best motto that fits this tour. 


Just join us. Experience the natural picturesque, Nami Island, admission to Sky Walk, and try the famous Chuncheon dish "Dakgalbi and Makguksu" a spicy stir-fried chicken and buck wheat cold noodles the oasis for culture and leisure in just one ...

2019-4-26 ~ 2019-4-28

2019 Yeongwol Danjong Culture Festival

Yeongwol Danjong Culture Festival
The Danjong Culture Festival, a major festival of Yeongwol-gun in Gangwon-do, is held around the Jangneung Tomb area. The festival is a historic cultural event held annually since 1967 in memory of King Danjong (the 6th monarch of the Joseon Dynasty) and his loyal subjects. It was originally called Danjongje and was renamed to Danjong Culture Festival in 1990. In the beginning, it was held for...

2019-5-4 ~ 2019-5-6

2019 Yanggu Korean Edible Herb Festival

Enjoy One of Korean festival which will hold in Yanggu, Gangwon-do. Let's give a healthy day to your family members. Gomchi is one of Korean famous edible herb and well known as healthy green leaf and grained from special and quality ground. We will visit Namiseom island for family event on 5th May and continue to travel Yanggu to join Gomchi festivals. You can eat various of Gomchi food and also take some to your home with free of charge. 


Yanggu Gomchi


2019-5-26 ~ 2019-6-2

2019 Chuncheon International Mime Festival

Introduction to the festival 

Chuncheon International Mime Festival 2019 is the first private-led performing arts festival to mark its 30th anniversary. Beyond the genre of mime, it is a performing arts festival based on "body, movement and image," and is a new type of festival combining arts (performance) and festivals (jamming). In late May every year, the festival is held throughout Chuncheon C...


2018 Leisure Chuncheon World Leisure with K-pop Concert

**Skywalk Tour - Romantic Market - Yuklim Street- k-pop concert


Soyanggang Skywalk is an observatory facilty set up on Uiamho Lake. The walking path, comprised of transparent glass, is 156m long and offers a thrill to tourists as they feel they are walking over the lake.


This city is one of place named as Romantic tourist sites for all generation not only just Young couples but aged local people as they can explore the place where their memories back.&nbs...


ChunCheon International Mime Festival

"It is a tour to see the night view of the beautiful Soyang River Walk of Chuncheon and enjoy Chuncheon mime festival which is one of the world's three biggest festival all night.

Welcome to Chuncheon where you will be treated to the excitement of breathtaking fire, and spring movements.



- Round-trip Transportation from Seoul
- Admission ticket to Soyang River Skywalk
- Admission ...


2018 Hongcheon Beer Festival

2018 Hongcheon Beer Festival

Dance Competition - Music and Beer


Hongcheon (Hongcheon-gun) is a county and city in Gangwon Province, South Korea. The city lies on the northern bank of the Hongcheon River, southeast of Chuncheon. 
The terrain of the county is mainly mountainous and contains hot springs in the Hongcheong River valley.
It is only 1hr. 30min. From Seoul! You can visit nature valley (Sutasa) for water, and...


Dunnae Tomato Festival

Let's find the golden tomato at this event and look for the gold ring in the pool of tomatoes! 


Dunnae Tomato Festivall
A healthy story begins!

Dunnae in Hoengseong produces cherry tomatoes, Chal Tomatoes, processed tomatoes as well and has started to hold Dunna Tomato Festival since 2012 to promote great tomatoes produced in Dunnae.
Dunnae (Hoengseong-gun) is a county and city in Gangwon Provinc...


Hyoseok Culture Festival

Experience the Korea’s longest suspension bridge and full blossom of buckwheat flowers and fly Chinese Wish Lanterns at the Hyo Seok Cultural Festival 


Including Condition 

1. Round trip transportation - Group Bus
2. Entrance Ticket of tour site
3. English speaking tour assistant
4. 2,000won Wonju gift voucher 


Excluding Items 

1. Meal
2. Personal Expense 





Jeongseon Arirang Festival

Feel the nature, Find your peace in Sokcho,

Gangneung Coffee Festival and Jeongseon Arirang Festival

  - All in one Autumn! The best weekend trip with two festivals.


We have come to you with good news for those who waited for the event after the Ganghwa tour!
A tour that will make you feel Korea's Autumn next weekend!

Two days' trip to the beautiful sea and mountain of Gangwon Province where you can smell the scent of Autumn in Korea!

The f...


Pyeongchang trout festival

Visitors to the festival can enjoy a variety of programs including ice and lure fishing for trout, snow programs, ice programs, folk programs, and more.  Any trout caught from ice fishing and lure fishing can be prepared right away at a nearby restaurant~! 


 1. Round trip transportation
 2. Guide

 1. Meals
 2. Admission and activity fee
 3. Did not ...


Daegwallyeong Snow Festival

Daegwallyeong Snow Festival, a winter festival that represents Pyeongchang. It is a popular festival that features beautiful ice sculptures and exciting snow sled hills.  


 1. Round trip transportation
 2. Guide
 3. Admission and activity fee

 1. Meals
 2. Did not mention on Inclusion