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Itinerary 목록

Itinerary 목록


2018 Leisure Chuncheon World Leisure with K-pop Concert

**Skywalk Tour - Romantic Market - Yuklim Street- k-pop concert


Soyanggang Skywalk is an observatory facilty set up on Uiamho Lake. The walking path, comprised of transparent glass, is 156m long and offers a thrill to tourists as they feel they are walking over the lake.


This city is one of place named as Romantic tourist sites for all generation not only just Young couples but aged local people as they can explore the place where their memories back.&nbs...


ChunCheon International Mime Festival

"It is a tour to see the night view of the beautiful Soyang River Walk of Chuncheon and enjoy Chuncheon mime festival which is one of the world's three biggest festival all night.

Welcome to Chuncheon where you will be treated to the excitement of breathtaking fire, and spring movements.



- Round-trip Transportation from Seoul
- Admission ticket to Soyang River Skywalk
- Admission ...


2018 Hongcheon Beer Festival

2018 Hongcheon Beer Festival

Dance Competition - Music and Beer


Hongcheon (Hongcheon-gun) is a county and city in Gangwon Province, South Korea. The city lies on the northern bank of the Hongcheon River, southeast of Chuncheon. 
The terrain of the county is mainly mountainous and contains hot springs in the Hongcheong River valley.
It is only 1hr. 30min. From Seoul! You can visit nature valley (Sutasa) for water, and...


Dunnae Tomato Festival

Let's find the golden tomato at this event and look for the gold ring in the pool of tomatoes! 


Dunnae Tomato Festivall
A healthy story begins!

Dunnae in Hoengseong produces cherry tomatoes, Chal Tomatoes, processed tomatoes as well and has started to hold Dunna Tomato Festival since 2012 to promote great tomatoes produced in Dunnae.
Dunnae (Hoengseong-gun) is a county and city in Gangwon Provinc...


Hyoseok Culture Festival

Experience the Korea’s longest suspension bridge and full blossom of buckwheat flowers and fly Chinese Wish Lanterns at the Hyo Seok Cultural Festival 


Including Condition 

1. Round trip transportation - Group Bus
2. Entrance Ticket of tour site
3. English speaking tour assistant
4. 2,000won Wonju gift voucher 


Excluding Items 

1. Meal
2. Personal Expense 




Jeongseon Arirang Festival

Feel the nature, Find your peace in Sokcho,

Gangneung Coffee Festival and Jeongseon Arirang Festival

  - All in one Autumn! The best weekend trip with two festivals.


We have come to you with good news for those who waited for the event after the Ganghwa tour!
A tour that will make you feel Korea's Autumn next weekend!

Two days' trip to the beautiful sea and mountain of Gangwon Province where you can smell the scent of Autumn in Korea!

The f...


Pyeongchang trout festival

Visitors to the festival can enjoy a variety of programs including ice and lure fishing for trout, snow programs, ice programs, folk programs, and more.  Any trout caught from ice fishing and lure fishing can be prepared right away at a nearby restaurant~! 


 1. Round trip transportation
 2. Guide

 1. Meals
 2. Admission and activity fee
 3. Did not ...


Daegwallyeong Snow Festival

Daegwallyeong Snow Festival, a winter festival that represents Pyeongchang. It is a popular festival that features beautiful ice sculptures and exciting snow sled hills.  


 1. Round trip transportation
 2. Guide
 3. Admission and activity fee

 1. Meals
 2. Did not mention on Inclusion 



Hongcheon River Ginseng Trout Festival

Every winter, visitors from all over gather at Hongcheon River Ginseng Trout Festival to fish for trout fed on 6-year Hongcheon ginseng. The festival was selected as one of Gangwon-do’s excellent festivals in 2015, offering new memories for children and nostalgia for adults. 


 1. Round trip transportation
 2. Guide
 3. Admission fee​


Inje icefish Festival

Inje Icefish Festival has developed thanks to a lot of tourists’ participation and their interest since 1997. It tries to offer varied programs following trends. Visitors can enjoy icefish fishing at the festival venue. 


 1. Round trip transportation
 2. Guide
 3. Admission ticket

 1. Meals
 2. Did not mention on Inclusion 




Hwacheon sancheono festival

Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival takes place at Hwacheon county in Gangwon-do with plenty of snow and ice, perfect for a winter getaway. Since 2003, the festival has been visited by a million people, making this festival more joyful. Varied festival programs include ice-fishing, ice sledding, bobsled, and other things to see and participate in. 


[Package Condition]
1. Tour meeting at appointed spot in Hongdae/Myeongdong, Seoul
2. Retur...

Operation Period : 2018.03.08~03.18

Seoul↔Gangwon G-Shuttle Bus

When reserving the shuttle bus, the select language is English.
07:00 Myeongdong Station Exit 1 and 2 ( Prince Hotel)
07:30 Cheongryangri Station Lotte Department Store ( KTX’s place of departure )
10:55 Pyeongchang Jindu Station (Odaesan Station KTX)
11:05 Pyeongchang Trout Festival
12:05 Gangneung Station (KTX)

Operation Period : 2018.03.08~03.18

Pyeongchang↔Gangneung G-Shuttle Bus (Route A)

No reservation is available. 

09:00 Pyeongchang Jindu Station (Odaesan Station KTX)
09:10 Pyeongchang Trout Festival
10:00 Yongpyeong Resort Bus Parking Lot
11:00 Gangneung Station (KTX)
11:25 Gangneung Seamarq Hotel Convention Center Parking Lot
11:35 Heo Gyun-Heo Nanseolheon Memorial Park
11:55 Gangneung...

Operation Period : 2018.03.08~03.18

Gangneung↔Pyeongchang G- Shuttle Bus (Route B)

No reservation is available.
09:00 Gangneung Seamarq Hotel Convention Center Parking Lot
09:20 Gangneung Station (KTX)
10:25 Yongpyeong Resort Bus Parking Lot
11:10 Pyeongchang Trout Festival
11:25 Pyeongchang Jindu Station (Odaesan Station KTX)
12:35 Gangneung Art Center
13:30 Gangneung HomePlus & Central ...

Festival Period 2018/02/07~2018/02/22

2018 Daegwallyeong Snow Festival

Operation Period : 2018/02/08 1day


 07:30 Meeting at Hongik Univ. station

 08:00 Meeting at Donhwa duty free

 08:20 Meeting at Myeongdong station

 11:20 Arrive at Daegwallyeong Snow Festival

 ※Free time, Lunch is not included.

 16:30 Depart for Yongpyeong resort

 17:30 Depart for Seoul

 20:30 Arrive at Myeongdong station

 ※ Depending on traffic condition, schedule can be delay...